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Rehabilitation & Pilates

Once pain is adequately controlled, rehabilitation can commence, including appropriate and progressive strengthening and stretching exercises, balance re-education and dynamic return to sporting activities that will get you back to participating in the activities that you most enjoy.

  • Sports Injuries

    Our rehabilitation expert will thoroughly analyze and assess your functional performance to identify biomechanical issues predisposing you to sport or activity related injuries. Correction of any existing anomalies with an exercise program will restore your strength to enable you to safely enjoy your sporting activities once again!

  • Bio Mechanical Strains

    Identification and creating an awareness of ergonomical stressors, faulty postural habits and poor core control can prevent the onset and recurrence of chronic episodes of pain and dysfunction. 

  • Recovery Post Immobility, Disease, Stroke

    Prolonged protection of an injured joint or limb will no doubt lead to severe loss of muscle bulk, altered proprioception, balance and increased weakness. Gradually progressing activity and exercises of the affected limb will prevent long-term disuse complications, chronic pain and recurrence of a poorly rehabilitated injury. Exercises include, where appropriate, graded strengthening, stretching, postural correction, muscle balancing and re-education of walking and functional movement. Electrical stimulation (faradic current) is an essential aspect of improving strength and mobility in the spine and in the periphery.

  • Pilates Training 

    In a class or one on one sessions are available. 

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