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Woman’s Health & Fertility

As woman, we all face unique and / or hormonal challenges at some point in our lives. Whatever your current concern, whether it be embarking on the life-changing experience of pregnancy, or entering the menopausal phase with its unique challenges, we are here to assist you during this time of adjustment. Some of our treatments include:


  • Infertility, ante- and post natal care

    Phyllis Berger’s unique treatment combination of cranial electrotherapy, PANAG and
    electro-acupuncture has yielded positive results in many patients seeking help with
    infertility over many years.
    Male infertility may also be improved with PANAG to enhance quality and motility of
    your partner’s sperm.  When acupuncture and cranial electro-stimulation are added,
    additional benefits of relaxation and an improved sense of well-being is experienced.


  • Pelvic dysfunction

    At Berger, Jacks & Conradie, we treat pelvic floor conditions such as hypotonic (underactive) or hypertonic (overactive) pelvic floor muscles, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and chronic pelvic pain, amongst others.  Some of these concerns can really be of a sensitive nature and it may be difficult for most women to seek help for these problems.  We are here to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment in which you can learn more about your condition and be empowered to incorporate self-management strategies to improve your current situation.


  • Post-gynaecological procedures

    Whatever your reason for seeking advice and help, we can assist by providing symptomatic pain relief through a variety of electrotherapy modalities, as well as education, rehabilitation and exercise programmes. We can assist with various pain conditions, such as post surgical pain syndromes (post-mastectomy and / reconstruction) and perineum pain leading to pain in the genitalia.

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